Sonora Stainless Steel Waterless Urinal


Sonora Stainless steel waterless urinal highest quality for commercial applications. Providing a water and cost efficient urinal.

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 Sonora Waterless Urinal Stainless Steel

Features & Benefits

–      Total water conservation due to using no water

–       Elimination of urinal odours via EcoTrap technology

–       Improved hygiene

–       Reduced maintenance

–      Drastic cost savings via the elimination of water & sewer charges

Product information

–      Commercial use

–      Vertical trap design

–      Connect to standard 50mm PVC drain lines

–      304# Grade Stainless Steel

–      Approximate weight 8kg


400mm x 690mm x 330mm


–       2x EcoTraps

–       1Litre of BlueSeal

–       1x Extractor tool

–       Fastening hardware

*Please note #316 grade stainless steel is recommended for coastal regions